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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 85

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at Georgetown & Acton. The last time I heard four or five were breaking bread at the former place & others were interested. From Boston, our Brother Brown speaks of having met with much blessing in a visit among friends. He found many eager to hear & is full of hope that some will soon be brought out. We have just received a most interesting account from Quebec of the conversion of a Dr. Fasson. His wife had been for some little time in communion, dear Captain Scott having been used for her conversion. Dr. F used every exertion in order to hinder his wife from being much with them, & said nothing could ever induce him to think as she did but some great affliction. A few days ago Mrs. F was thrown out of a sleigh & received injuries which resulted in her death. The husband was completely broken down, & sent for dear Scott to read with him. The last I heard the truth was just breaking in upon him. His little boy about nine years old had found peace a few weeks before.

The Indian brethren are going on nicely & happily. There have been no additions lately among them. There are six in communion. We are thankful for the prayers that have gone up for the Lord’s work in Canada from many of the people in England, & trust that the gracious answer, which the Lord has sent may stir us up here to more seal & devotedness & waiting on Him for blessing. For my own part I feel much at times the difficulties of our position here without always seeing the fullness that is in Him to meet them. One thing that is a trial to me more than almost anything is, the danger I feel of being more occupied with service than with the Master. Assemblies of the Lord’s people being so scattered, & so few amongst us in some places taking any active part in the worship, everything is necessarily thrown on one, & when perhaps he ought to be listening in silence

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