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to those older than himself in the Lord’s work, is forced into a too prominent place. However, He knows all our trials, & it is most certain, if we wait upon Him, will give according to His knowledge of our need. It is a comfort to have the advice & experience of those who are experienced in the Lord’s ways & work. My brother will write to you also if he has not done it yet, & will probably be able to give you more account of the work as Toronto is more of a center. Again thanking you, dear brother, & the Lord’s dear people, for their love & kindness in ministering to our wants, & with Christian love to all, I am yours affectionately in Him,

Robert J. Grant

Brethren here unite in love.

* * * * *


17 Feb. 1864

Dearest Bro.,

I have taken the liberty of enclosing a letter for our dear Bro. Darby. Since I wrote to you from Collingwood, our dear Bro. Isaac Powless has been called home to be with Jesus very suddenly. Mr. Darby has, no doubt, spoken to you about him, as one of the Indians who came out of the Establishment some months ago, and who has since been preaching Christ among his own people. He was called away very suddenly, & for him, of course, it is a blessed thing to depart & be with Christ, but it was quite a shock to me, as the first intelligence I received about him was a telegram to say he was dead. He had been suffering for a few weeks from what the Dr. called neuralgia in the head, & was so much better that he was about to go out into the woods to chop; when changing his purpose he called his little boy, about 8 years old, to him; he took him into a room & shutting the door set him to read the conversion of the jailor at Philippi, & when

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