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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 87


he had read the “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved,” Isaac said with great earnestness “Keep this in your mind until the day of your death.” He next divided the farm between the two boys, & almost immediately his eyes turned upward & remained fixed in that position, & becoming unconscious, tho’ his poor body seemed to be suffering intensely. At the end of about two days he passed away from this scene of trial. His dear wife is wonderfully supported in her hour of trial, & with simple child-like faith said she does not think of him as dead but only asleep till Jesus comes. The little boy I mentioned, who has been long exercised, found peace on the evening of the day in which his father’s body was committed to the earth, & Isaac Powless’s mother was just able to speak with confidence of her state on the morning of the same day. She now wishes to break bread. An unconverted person asked the little boy why he did not weep for his poor father, his answer was “Why should I weep when my father has gone to be with Jesus in heaven?”

The dear Indian brethren have grown much in the truth, and are walking nicely in the midst of a very bitter opposition; there are eight of them in communion, and several others are more or less exercised. Surely the Lord will raise up someone in the place of our brother who has been removed. Perhaps He has done this to prove that the work is all His own.

Just before I left Collingwood two other Christians desired fellowship with us at the Lord’s Table. Both of them are very earnest Christians, & the Lord’s coming was used to help them out of the system they were connected with. I am sure, dear brother, you will feel drawn out still more in prayer for the Lord’s work here

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