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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 82


satisfaction from the truth & any of the services of Christ. My heart yearned over them, God gave me right words, we wept & prayed together tho’ utter strangers to each other. I made them three visits with happy results; their faces brightened; they were cheered & encouraged to look up anew to their Father on high: they said God had sent me to them, & this led me to say that then they were bound solemnly to heed my counsel, which they promised to do. We agreed to correspond so I may hear from them soon. We count much on the use of the pen in our service for Christ; it costs us much more for postage than for meat. You cannot tell how we longed for some tracts to scatter about in our way as we went. We had some with us, but they were choicer than gold, we could only lend them. Brother Darby said he has given an order to Mr. Broom to send me some tracts & pamphlets, but they have not reached me yet. Dear Brother, you cannot tell how much we would prize a large lot of these blessed messengers, hundreds or even thousands of them, old & new, any, whatever their topics. I never saw an indifferent one yet from “Brethren,” none of them will ever come amiss. Any of the girdles, things new & old, &c. We frequently had people say they would buy of those we had if we would sell them, but we could not spare them. I am forty miles from Boston where anything is sold, & I would like to see a little depository of “Brethren” works. “Why should it not be soon?” I am willing to serve the cause of truth, & to give myself wholly to the work, in any way whatever, even if it has a corporteur. I promise to make a judicious distribution of all the publications the dear friends in England may intrust to me. A tract, you know, is such an easy introduction to the truth & of oneself. Next

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