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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 25


got blessing, and some others who I trust will soon be clear and out. It has in one sense been an up-hill work here in Hamilton, the whole town being in the paroxysm of revival. A Mr Hammond, an American revivalist, has been working here for a month, and most of the ministers with him. We appear very contemptible in the midst of it; but I think it very probable, that had we had the whole town to ourselves we should not have had more blessing; a greater show of work, no doubt, but not more blessing. I was very much struck with the cheerfulness and patience, in other words, faith, of dear Mr Darby. What a bright, blessed place that is to dwell and walk in the presence of God; there we learn the true value—His own estimate, of all things; and, in communion with Him, His peace fills our souls.

Next week, Caroline and I hope to go to Guelph, en route to Berlin, where I hope to stay a week or fortnight, then, perhaps, to Acton and Guelph, and to remain until joined by Mr Darby for our northern and western tour. A few days since, I heard from St Louis—an invitation to visit them all there. The same day we had letters sent from the banks of the Rhine (Mannheim), Mississippi, and St Lawrence; we realized, in some measure the unity of the body. Dear Miss —— gives us a most interesting sketch of her journeyings among the Dutch and German brethren; tells us the brethren of Mannheim are praying

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