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fervently for the work here, and greet us warmly in the Lord. She enclosed a letter from dear Brockhaus at Elberfeld to Mr Darby, in which he also remembers us in the kindest way. All this was very cheering, and helps to draw us nearer to Him who is the source of it all, whose wondrous name is Love. Then come a letter from Cordova, in Illinois, to Arthur Wells, to enquire whether it was true that Mr Darby was really in Canada, and conveying an invitation to him and his companions. While am talking of the West, I may add that a Christian lady, an influential person amongst the Independents at Chicago, pressed Mr. Darby to visit them there.

We hope to stop a little time at Detroit when we are journeying Southwards; another gathering of French brethren, about fourteen in number, has been lately heard of there. Bell was amongst them lately, and they greatly desire to see Mr Darby; he would have gone before, but we represented, that it would be better to see them on our way.

You see I have been crowding all my little bits of intelligence together as fast as I could; the post goes out today. We, and all, send love to the dear Brethren—each one we greet most heartily; may the Lord bless them with the great blessing of His own presence in power in their midst. Mr Darby has just came in from Toronto; they had a very good meeting last night; he sends his cordial love to you and the dear brethren, ever yours affectionately, R. E.

Bill said ...
Cordova, Illinois: currently a small town on the Mississippi River between Davenport, IA, on the south, and Clinton, IA on the north.
Sunday, May 21, 2017 : 20:52

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