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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 96


made useful. He like now to be considered to be acquainted with ministerial people, have a kind of owned position, tho’ faithful as to not taking any from man. I say all this not to blame or approve, but that Brethren may know what there is at Halifax. He was inclined to make a kind of cause as they say & in danger of letting in persons of very unsound views particularly if having a certain position. But all this was to be corrected rather than refuted, & he seemed in a good spirit about it. Mr. Bell had already spoken with him & they are more on their guard for he in no way accepts such views in principle. I trust our visit was useful & timed of God in this respect. There was one hanging about a kind of missionary of my false notions & another a magistrate [?a] Campbellite going for convenience. I hope to return there. There are some very nice brethren, & Horton himself in a good spirit as far as we saw but needing subduing. I was very glad I took that road across the country – this strange country where the newest appliances of civilization go across forests [?where they get hill mouse dies?] & down the way of Fundy to St. Johns New Brunswick, where we rested the Lord’s Day, on to Portland in Maine & by the Grt. Trunk Railway here with fair weather, & only gracious care to speak of. So we pass over this wilderness world. My passage across the Atlantic was stormy;

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