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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 97


the sea washing over us, passengers pitched out of their births. I was awake & held fast but part of the worst time the wind was favorable & helped on. I was not sick though having to be careful for a day or two and thro’ great mercy found every day someone to testify of Christ to & thus some Christians too. On the whole thus had much to be thankful for, for all knew I stood in testimony yet found gracious reception. There were five French on board who knew no English so that I became a kind of functionary interpreter. I am sure you will understand that while speaking in all openness to Brethren, it would hardly be fair to circulate all I have said as to our bro. Horton as mere news for every reader. There is nothing to conceal in it from anyone but I write it in confidence to brethren. Kindest love to all. I found here all will, but as yet have only seen our brother Baynes.

Ever affecty yours in the Lord,


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