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Toronto   Jan. 5, 65

Dear E. G.,

We had a useful general meeting at Montreal & and a delicious one at Toronto, some came from 800 miles, but we had not our Indians who waited for a brother who after all was hindered coming, but there is progress amongst them & in general through all the meetings there is increase, & not through special gifts, but the action of life in them. Pray tell Anus with my thanks & W. Owen that I got their letters. I wrote to Horton recommending him to write to London, as he had proposed, I know not what he will do. Kindest love to all the brethren, & to your own household too. Tell (W.?) B. Stoney too I have received his letter & thank him for it. We have a fine winter, steady frost & snow, but not severe; we have had 42 degrees & snow storms but not to last. The Lord keep you near Himself.

Affecty yours in the Lord,


* * * * *

. . . I do not know what else we have to do here but to know God better & to serve, but I look specially for devotedness in Brethren now. I have no doubt their place is just the testimony of God, not from any wisdom of ours, but the sovereign goodness of God & more or less knowledge, but the testimony is not filled up nor made good if there be not the devotedness, I do not deem the doctrine unimportant; the more I go on, the more I see that the Evangelical body has lost itself, never has had & resists the doctrine of Paul, not merely the Church,

Tom said ...
W.B. Stoney?
Wednesday, Aug 30, 2017 : 16:34
Timothy Stunt said ...
My guess is that W. B. Stoney was JBS's nephew, Walter [Charles] Butler Stoney [b.1846] who, later in 1865, would matriculate from St John's College, Cambridge. His father (JBS's older brother) was Thomas Butler Stoney of Portland House, Tipperary. (see Alumni Cantabrigenses)... but it's only a guess! JBS's younger brother Major Henry Butler Stoney (who emigrated to Australia) had a son called Walter but he was only born in 1859... a bit too young to be writing letters in 1865! Timothy Stunt
Friday, Sep 1, 2017 : 21:18

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