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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 99


that has long been clear, but even to our whole standing as Christians. I am daily more distinct as occasion requires in bearing testimony to it. Striving may be of no use, but I think clearness of testimony is, & no fear in giving it. The times are too serious, only one must know what one is about, what the real point is. But the controversy about righteousness & so about law has brought the matter out. Are we in the first or second Adam? Save the most useful & searching Epistle of James, the writings of the New Testament do not treat of justification, save those of Paul. John takes up the principle involved in it but not in that shape, of course confirms it as of one spirit, but being risen with Christ & so presented before god is Pauline. Only one has to watch that the divine character is fully developed if we are occupied with this, I mean in one’s own mind & faith & that is fully done in Paul in his own way, of course I mean in that channel of truth in which the Holy Ghost led him, & wonderful it is how it is out of & above law, for these legalists are in their doctrine contemptible. We are to be imitators of God (Christ being our pattern) & show divine life in the entire offering up of self & that to God, that the principle may be perfect. I have been occupied with this lately & am thinking of sending a paper to the Girdle on it. I think God has somewhat helped the brethren in their publications lately, which is a mercy from His hands, but we have to fill up a vastly greater framework

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