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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 52

Incomplete - Needs help !!


Dearest Wigram,

I give this letter to Davis (Hy Stebbing) who is returning to England, he was converted here, got out of the army & has been walking very steadily & blamelessly. He saw Dr. McKern who gave him his direction, he has been sometime in communion & we can recommend him to the love of the Brethren. I have very nearly finished an article for you, ill put together, but on points which I have found much instruction in myself. I may be before this ______ in Hamilton, blessing continues, the Baptist minister has resigned, but not yet broken bread but is getting on in truth, so his wife. One of his congregation already breaks bread, also the most active member of the (?Free) Scotch & his wife. The Scotch Kirk minister is clear we are right, what he will do I know not, as he has yet the question of faith to settle with wife, friends, &c. Others have been added & I hear ________ others have got distinct blessing & some I suppose will come amongst us, here all is quieter yet there is blessing, there came in _______ two from Compton St., others are deeply exercised & many interested and the congregation [is] very good, at Guelph too  there is blessing & at Montreal where they keep my going down, but I can hardly yet leave Hamilton & this. The Indians are breaking bread among themselves. Kind love to the Brethren, affect’y yours,


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