Brethren Archive

American Darby Letterbook - Page: 53


St. Louis, Missouri

May 2, 1863


Dearest Brother,                                             [cf: Letters Vol.1:357]

It seems to me unreasonable that gatherings should be called upon to give out names with their own responsibility engaged thereby & not have an opportunity of objecting or delaying. The Saturday meeting had for object that those interested in the various gatherings should have an opportunity for fellowship or consultation so as to effect concurrent action. That they bound anything is an utterly false accusation & the way the enemy has sought to assail this meeting through unprincipled attacks or personal feeling is a proof to me that it is of God. The reading out of the names even in the gatherings concludes nothing, for the very object is that if there be objection it may be mentioned & they are posted up with the request to do so to the persons whose names are attached if there be such in anyone’s mind. It has happened that one in a gathering knew the previous walk of a person resident near another gathering, which the later knew & it was mentioned by the person who knew the circumstances & a very ungodly person kept out. But it was long ago felt that it was desireable that a name should not be publicly given out until all practical inquiry was made, as it was very disagreeable to have a name publicly mentioned & demur made thereto on moral

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