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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 51


by it. As to our path we go on first quietly as usual. I do not think the baptist minister can remain where he is here, that would of course make the rumour greater.

Kindest love to the brethren. May they walk in unity and peace. Kind love to your own circle. You will have seen that T—— is in a very bad way, he is, I think, indulging self and spiritual self-confidence; he not only refuses to speak of enduring wrath but explains away all propitiation, saying it means God showing His favour to sinners and tries to use scriptural words to hide what he really holds. The Lord keep us simple, peaceful, and subject to Scripture: if it is a time of breaking up and evil it is a time of great blessing to those who are simple in heart. There is this difference as to your Corinthian though I have often felt what you have said on account of printing and publishing what all read. The apostle was writing to those in their right place though walking wrong; to the Jews whom God was visiting at the close, the Lord when they stumbled only gives harder things. I admit they were unbelievers, still there is an analogy. Crumbling Christendom wants the truth.

Peace be with you and all the beloved brethren. I trust and feel assured they pray for us. JND

I find sensible progress in my last visit (weekly) to Hamilton. I suppose a number will be out ere long of different kind and very likely the Baptist minister among them; people are more than ever occupied with the truth.

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