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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 50


in no way our own joy and delight or good of soul. Yet we have to do it and trust Him for our joy who will keep for that day. Even here it is not a development exactly of what I might be occupied with among saints (I do not speak of our own meetings as saints) in England. The real ground work principles have to be brought out and developed. I do not deny I am often tried by the incapacity of saints to get on beyond settling the foundations for themselves. Every body seems at home if you get into the 7th of Romans, I mean everywhere; still I feel promulgation of truth is of vital importance for the church. Some may rail, but simple souls find the true ground of standing and liberty; that comforts me, they are hid from the wise and prudent, but while the war is going on, many a simple soul is drinking in the truth. I find the person I have alluded to above and his wife on the fullest conflict. All are fully warned against us, with renewed energy; so that the meetings which from two or three had grown up gradually less numerous again, but with this souls ripening and getting decided.

The Diocesan, a Christian, has been down to Bradford to try and stop the work among the Indians. I am afraid sometimes I take this too quietly. I expect it. After all if the Lord opens the door none can shut it, and I read an open door and many adversaries, long time therefore abode he speaking boldly in the Lord, meanwhile souls in earnest clearly ripen faster. One woman in Toronto in danger of having her mind affected in a despairing way through her husband having hindered her following the truth and he ill and overwhelmed

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