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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 126


Milwaukee, Wisconsin      Aug. 13, 1866

Dearest Brother,

As I enclose this letter, not sure how it may go from this forward, I add a line to say that I am going on with my work without anything very particular to recount. Here there is a small gathering a little increased, but without much of a door open in the place. However we have had meetings every evening, searching Scripture, and as they were beset with deniers of eternal punishment and the immortality of the soul and all moving out of sects are, and those more or less connected with neutral or Bethesda ground take this all easy and acquiesce in it even when they do not hold it, this subject came pretty largely up; those interested in the truth (the brethren are clear) desiring it, and I met those propagating it, and this was very useful, and settled the ground as to brethren clearly and definitely: the teacher, I think, was confounded, though they are subtle enough, but I think the Lord was there. I stayed a little longer than I thought, and now am going on D.V. (Lord Willing) to Illinois. At Detroit C. Baynes has been lecturing with much following, and the door seems open, some, to whom I was blessed the time before, taking the lead; but there he is popular and freer than I am; but the Presbyterian minister and a Baptist are aroused a good deal as to the truth. There has been a good deal of conversions at Greenville in Illinois, so that it is half English (Swiss before); at London (Ontario?) there is progress, a nice little new gathering; at George Town in Canada St. Catherine’s, always a weak small gathering injured by Bowes of England, Rotherham, etc. At Ottawa some progress. Elsewhere all pretty much as it was, a good many added, but others gone off to the States, etc. At St. Paul, Minnesota 4 or 5 breaking bread, so at Coldwater, Michigan 3 or 4 delivered from all connection with annihilationists. In Massachusetts there is some blessing, chiefly through the Browns, it is mostly individual but raises a

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