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distinct testimony. I already mentioned that there has been decided progress among the Indians, quite a nice gathering. One has gone down to work in other reserves. He is young, not very long found peace, but a nice young man; the Lord keep him. There was blessing at Guelph meetings. The daughter of a lovely one at Galt, a fine young woman, is now with her heartily. R. Grant thought of having a breaking of bread there on his way through. The moving off to the States when work is slack is a trial to gatherings here, it sometimes becomes a nucleus and then all is well. Such is my chronicle as far as I have gone. I look for my work properly in New York and Boston, the Lord willing. The testimony is just planted (I mean in the States), I can say no more. The ministers (so called) and looseness are the great hindrance, but truth had made progress now all about the States, and the Lord’s coming progressing; all who held it before and separated from sects, denied the immortality of the soul or something of the sort. It is now at last cleared, or far of that. There are those, and active in publishing brethren’s truth and tracts, who are avowedly indifferent to these things, and it is a great hindrance.Kindest love to the brethren.


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(To ABP)  Toronto   Sept. 29, 1866

I was very glad to hear from you, and I reply, though as to mere news I have not much to communicate. While in the West I had no letters, and I have replied to those I found here on arriving, and let brethren know as to the work. I am here only in passing, going East, after a pretty hard campaign, heat with the weather, roads, and being unwell, but the Lord helped me through. If there were any one who could undertake it, through the gifts God has given, a younger man would be better. You may ask, Have you them there? I answer, I have the desire to serve, and

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