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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 32


holding with power any truth to maintain what exists. This brings out any true testimony if made public by their attack. I believe it to be the one true scriptural ground of the church of God and with that the true full gospel of grace. That I have felt as all well know for years. But this breaking up of what Establishment or Dissent held, the public place of profession even if on a lower ground, brings out the truth into that place, not as assuming it, but as the necessary consequence of the attacks against it. But I do not think that we have anything to do but to pursue peaceably onward the testimony we have, seeking above all its realisation in true devotedness and practical separation from the world. No part of the testimony of God is more important than this, a greater witness that we are not of it, that we follow Christ. I dread the saints getting tired of unworldliness. It was the first decay of Christianity, it is always our danger. It is often what gives falsehood its power over the conscience of the world; they see motives that master what masters them. This may be imitated to propagate error, but truth and goodness should have it naturally of the Lord. I feel very anxious for this as to brethren. I do not doubt that full truth and grace is the weapon of God, but the vessel that carries should be the devoted effect of the truth and grace it speaks of. This, and that the Word should be held fast in all its integrity, multitudes, I doubt not, and indeed so I have heard, who would reject the stupid inanities of the Essays and Reviews, or of Colenso, yet have their natural unbelief

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