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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 33


set free, and the word of God has lost its absolute authority. This works (of two ways, one) sets reason that is human will above all, man may believe this or that, but he does not believe God, or in the weariness of the want of some authority some rest, men turn to the authority of the church, and are degraded from reliance on a holy God to reliance on corrupt man. The acknowledgment of God now and our security though the revelation of a personal God we trust known through Jesus is eternal life and blessing.

I am daily more struck with the connection of the great principles on which my mind was exercised by and with God when I found salvation and peace and the questions agitated and agitating the world at the present day. The absolute divine authority and certainty of the Word as a divine link between us and God of everything (church and world went) personal assurance of salvation in a new condition of being in Christ as His body, Christ’s coming to receive us to Himself to complete our being with Him, sitting in heavenly places, and collaterally with that the setting up a new earthly dispensation, from Is.32 more particularly the end. All this was when laid aside by E Pennyfather in 27. The house character of the assembly on earth (not the fact of the presence

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