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of the Spirit) was subsequent. It was a vague fact which received form in my mind long after, that there must be a holy and new order of things if God was to have His way. And the craving of the heart after it I had felt long before, but the church and redemption I did not know till the time I have spoken of but eight years before universal sorrow and sin pressed upon my spirit. I did not think to say so much of myself but it is all well. The truth remains the truth, and it is on that we have to go. But the Lord’s dealings with the soul, connected with the use of truth, have to be noted.

I have nothing very new to communicate as to the work. I have been partly occupied here with the death of two beloved ones brought in since I was here, one converted; the sweetest deaths and most perfect distinctness of grace and peace you could see, a witness and edification to all. I was kept by the weather from starting for the bush, as we had no snow for sleighing, meanwhile the beloved ones went, one aged, the other leaving four children. Sunday week another soul found peace and is now in communion, but this has kept me from the more direct sphere of my work. I have worked of course all the same  I am sure with patience and looking only to the Lord there must be blessing.

From Germany and France I have generally good news, so I have from Hamilton here since I left. That was perhaps the most interesting sphere of work, though many and divers souls were

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