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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 35


getting deeply interested in Toronto. We have had 52 degrees below freezing-point: fine healthy weather, but it stopped my preaching at a place I was much interested in when there before, Acton, where I found many hungry souls. It is astonishing how many souls a simple full gospel filled with Christ and His love finds famishing.

The train did not arrive till too late to start. Now we have a foot of snow and only a few degrees of frost. (D.V.) Thursday we start for the bush, 40 miles off, where there are a good many brethren godly intelligent men, some six or seven years ago a place of bears and wolves. I have heard of one Indian lately converted and now confessing Jesus through our brother Grant’s (ex-clergyman’s) last visit to them. He has been up to the far bush for some time. I rather hope to meet him at Mr Forrest’s, he is a little further north but at a post on Georgian Bay, Collingwood having a door open there.

They kept 411 of my answers to Colenso for the country; they appeared Wednesday, all were gone Saturday, and no more to be had though inquired for.

Kindest love to the brethren. Ever affectionately yours.  JND

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