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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 36


Nov. 19, 1832  Hamilton  Canada West

I have found more souls interested in the Word here than anywhere, though at Toronto there are several also; altogether I quite feel the Lord was with me in coming out to this country: up to this I have been rather better than in England, though the climate is much the same till the cold sets in, only drier… Kindest love to the Brethren.

Hamilton, C.W. (Canada West) Nov. 20, 62

The Lord is still keeping me indeed in a more interesting way here than hitherto. I am quite well again in my eye & the sight nearly returned.   J.N.D.

* * * * *

Dearest Brother,

Thanks for your little word & pray(er). Thank Mrs. Dent for her account of Mrs. Rose’s son, which I was very glad to get as I had got much interested in him & thank her much for I did not doubt myself that life was there, when I saw him, but there was a good deal to hinder him & Mrs. Rose had less assurance of his state than I had; but there were some marks which I thought surely of God; his very desire and thankfulness for what brought him Jesus, and fears lest after all he had not got hold of Him by faith were good signs. I am wholly ignorant of your London affairs to which Mrs. Dent alludes, save that East St. had set up a Table at Peckham, which

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