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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 37


had been tried once before; and some had left East St., & that they had had a prayer meeting about it. Of course all interests me about the Brethren, but I leave even the reaching of news to the Lord, as all else, for it is part of our moral existence, as all else. I am aware of the attacks but though unhappy works in itself is a sign of good & the power of truth & the means of good. I have no doubt truth is penetrating & spreading as it never did. Of course it tries timid people here & there. R. Evans got the address and I ran my eye over it. I am surprised if it be Beverly(?) that he should be so wholly ignorant of facts; they are materially incorrect. I thought it a very poor production in every way worthy of no notice whatsoever. He was also sent Synge’s. He has dreadfully committed himself to reasoning & doctrine, which I am sorry for, for he is a very dear kind man individually; but with far too much light to be where he is; he can break bread when he dares & can ____ has hinderances ____.

As to the work here I have not much news to add. I came here with snow to go up North to the Bush, we had 47 degrees of frost two days before at Toronto, the thaw has come on & and stopped me as the sleighing is generally impracticable. There was in a day or two a difference of 55 degrees, 15 below zero to 8 above freezing point. I hardly know now when I shall go up North till the

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