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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 135


from the truth, or ignorance of it when they judged others. I go no further than the question of doctrine, my question is how to deal with the case for the good of brethren and before God. It is possible one needed humbling from the blessing we received. It may be that the going out was necessary, that it should be manifest that they were not all of us. It is sad, but God has never allowed what was contradictory to principle or evil to remain concealed among brethren, though He has dealt most tenderly and graciously with us. I have no doubt He will secure His own testimony, though if we have got out of a low place, He may put us into it. We may have Bochim because we have not got Gilgal. I am anxious, at any rate, not to get out of the place of meekness, and to take Abigail’s advice and in nothing to avenge myself. Patience must have its perfect work. The effort of Satan is much more to swamp godly exclusion of connivance of evil doctrine than anything as to evil doctrine itself. But here there is a principle, which will only be so much the dearer to godly brethren. The Lord watches over His Church. Rejoice not over me, mine enemy! I expect, of course, the diligent circulation of attacks by those without. The business of Newton in Plymouth was known in Canada outside before ever… [missing in the original]. But we say in French Lėnnemi fait ouvre qui le Trompe.


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I had read carefully over the tracts on His sufferings and papers on Psalms, but the meeting at Guelph turning my mind off to general truth, left it more free and fresh to look at what I had published, for one read till one is half unable to judge by dint of reading sometimes. I have felt all this deeply. I was not a stone to be insensible to how it was done and who

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