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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 136


did it, but the main thing that exercised me was however that might be – no matter – if there was the slightest word or thought to the dishonor of Christ, it was intolerable. I was quite sure I had none such, but I might have followed out a train of thought insufficiently checked by Scripture, so as to produce such in my writing. I was quite willing to distrust myself, and to search and research lest there should be. I felt the enemy was in the attack, but no matter, if it helped to remove anything wrong as to Christ, I should be glad of it. I feared withdrawing the papers might be a giving up truth as to the sufferings of the blessed Lord. The shape it came to me on the contrary did not commend itself to me at all. But further, knowledge puffeth up and charity edifies. I had to consider whether love and the desire to save these brethren would not lead me to suppress these papers, even if they were not wrong at all. On the other hand if it was an effort of the enemy to enfeeble the sense of the sufferings of Christ, which the saints should have, this would be only playing into his hand. All this exercised me in prayer, examination of my statements and examination of Scripture. As far as I can trust myself, I examined it thoroughly without the smallest desire or thought of saving myself; Christ’s glory, which was professedly in question made that quite immaterial. One of my accusers was too dark as to the whole question to let his statements to have much result as to such in my mind. The effect in another was such as to destroy its weight, but this did not hinder my examining it, because Christ was in question. But my mind having directed to other subjects, as I said at Guelph, on my return here I again looked over the papers on the sufferings and on the Psalms. The result is complete relief to my mind: I find one or two phrases to which I could add a clearing word, which are however fully cleared up in other passages distinct to that. But I am satisfied that there is nothing wrong, but on the contrary, edification in the statements where souls were able to enter into it. I have no wish to bring souls weak in the faith to doubtful disputations, but it is clear to me that those who have objected are

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