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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 137


either ignorant or mischievously defective as to the suffering of the blessed Lord. That it is the darkness of error on this point in their minds, not the light of God or error in me. I have no thought of attacking them, God forbid, nor making the blessed Lord a field of battle on which to defend myself. But I shall not shrink from the conflict if they force me into it, nor from making matters plain: mere attacks on myself I should not answer, but if they do not sufficiently expose themselves, as I believe they would, if they came forward and the truth of God is in question, then I will stand up and God will judge between us and clear His own truth. But I have no wish to drag the brethren into the controversy, nor make them, and the testimony of God by them, answerable for the stand I take. I am not afraid to be alone. I feel I did right in proposing not to come, nor to teach. It is because I believe that brethren are the testimony of God in quiet peaceful unity that I would not engage them in my battles, if I am forced into them. It is not their conflict, they are not answerable for what I have stated; some may not be convinced that I am right and they have a common path without this question, though I am sure those that do not receive the substance of what I have written will lose by it. I am going on and shall go on quietly with my work doing nothing as to it. So I intend to do, having answered all those who honestly inquired, unless the truth is brought into question. Were I not satisfied that it would compromise the truth of Christ’s sufferings, and that the enemy was driving at this, I would withdraw the papers for the sake of those who have been using them against me, without thinking about myself. But I am…[incomplete] This is not what they want, the truth is in question at bottom, and more than that – there is in Christ for us more than the truth. I am perfectly quiet till some occasion to act may arise. I trust the Lord for the rest. I hope I have learned a

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