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painful but needed lesson, but with this I will not trouble others: God is gracious in everything, blessed be His name.

J. N. D.

* * * * *

G. Owen               

Received Dec. 1, 1866


I thank you for your letter. I have always been prepared to explain my experiences, and have admitted the human infirmity of them now these eight years. For, strange to say, my papers have been published these eight years, and plain proof that it is, as of God, some other course than mere doctrine, and of man, and the enemy too. It is this which one has to weigh. I am not afraid of the result, but as a passage it has its importance. I have no wish at the present time to have an exhibition of a controversy among brethren. But it is not only that I have been willing to explain, I have done so wherever I have been written to, and, of course, should, and many minds I know set at rest. You will remember as to reading Mr. Dorman’s and Captain Hall's pamphlets, that I had a long correspondence with each, and I am told that Dorman’s is substantially his letters without mine. Did I read them I might have to answer them, and that I should without difficulty do. There is a day when all will be brought to light. I bow, I trust sincerely, to the present chastening, feeling a great deal more for brethren than for myself. I am persuaded with patience everything will find its place. Our brother Richards, of Derby, said to me Morrish would require a new edition on my tract of the sufferings. If Morrish confirms this, the occasion would be a natural one for explaining for furnishing explanation, which I am prepared at once to do. Hall's views I look on as fatal error and a denial of the true sufferings of Christ. I believe through ignorance and saying what he would honestly declare he did not mean, but which for all that ruinously affects his views. But

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