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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 153


result in bringing these scattered fragments together. I have not felt myself adequate to such a service there, as I do not in Boston, where is a somewhat like state of things. Brother Tydeman’s arriving & locating in N.Y. is a matter of thankfulness. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a company professing to meet in the Lord’s name, but who yet need deliverance from some things, ere such as bow fully to the Lord can have fellowship with them. One or two saints, who see what our standing should be, live there, & are trying to walk in the light as He is in the light. There is another brother in Providence, R.I. who is in communication with us, & from whom we are in receipt of intelligence. He too sends for books, & recently for hymn books, having found some Christians taken with the hymn books. We wrote him, if he could get saints to love to sing the hymns, they would soon want to read the books. In Nelson Village, New Hampshire, is a solitary Christian lady, who occasionally joined us in our worship, while we had our home in W. Townsend; & so, one and another, here & there, & some in different villages & states getting a part of the truth. While here in Cambridge, just over the river from Boston, are 8 of us. And this leads me to explain why I date from this city. We left W. Townsend, our old homestead, some 6 weeks ago & hired 2 furnished upper rooms here, for the winter at least, that we might serve the Master with greater facility, & be near  to aid & encourage Mr. Darby on his coming here. We brought our little depository with us, & one of our rooms serves as Depot, parlor, sitting room, kitchen, & etc. We came at the right time. My brother Daniel with his wife & one of his daughters are among saints here, & the first, not including his daughter to see & profess truth, was attacked with bleeding at the lungs 2 months ago, is now quite feeble, though we hope for his recovery. We at once resumed the meetings in our own upper chamber, where hold some sort of meeting almost every evening, & where we have found our readings of the word sweeter & more precious than ever. Here too we have found the enemy fierce. One of the Baptist ministers stirred up by the loss of 4 of his members has attacked us through C.S. tract on justification, which he brought before his large congregation, which he pronounced “heresy”, & warned his people against its doctrines. One of his senior deacons had been much blessed by it in getting peace & had recommended it to other Christians. The same minister has preached a sermon on behalf of the law as the believer’s rule of life. A brother preacher, of much learning, disagreed with the views of the preacher in his first sermon said, “The Brethren were sound in their doctrines, though not believing in what is called the church.” One of our young sisters was slyly held up to the attacks of the preacher, & made himself so offensive by his ungentlemanly words in a letter to her, as to disgust & offend her mother, also a member of her society, & now she too visits our meetings & will not hear him more. She may be influenced unduly by maternal feeling, yet really she seems taking hold of the truth. The spiritual intelligence of the young sister referred to, her strong & bold defense of the truth, though always within the bounds of female propriety, her able letters to her young

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