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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 152


the Guelph meeting. He gave a course of lectures there, in one of the Congregational Chapels to attentive hearers on the Lord’s coming & kindred topics, & writes me that it was his pleasure to see some half dozen preachers of the different sects present & really anxious for light on these subjects. At Milwaukee, Wisconsin is another little assembly of happy intelligent brothers & sisters. Several of late have been added to their number to cheer & strengthen them. There is some gift among them, so they can edify one another, & a considerable zeal “according to knowledge.” Here as elsewhere they are employing tracts & books to turn the minds of men to the truth. One brother there has lately ordered publications to the amount of $100, including the “Present Testimony”, JND’s works, & etc. In Kentucky, Hopkinsville, is a solitary sister, a maiden lady, by the name of Susan B. Stiles, well educated, and out of one of the first families of the State, who, though quite an invalid, & during all the trials & vicissitudes of the late rebellion, has lived alone with none but her servants near her, & without any fear from either army alternately occupying the ground where the Lord has cast her lot; while all the time it has been her delight to use the utmost of her little strength in teaching her poor ignorant servants & in dealing out temporal & spiritual good to all the needy she could reach. Gradually the truth was brought to her soul, & as brother Darby would say, she “got the truth.” Little by little she gave up the errors in which she had been educated, though not without a struggle at every step. Of her we may now all learn a lesson of self-denial, consistency, patience, zeal; confined at home & often unable to rise from her bed, her pen is always going, & her house no little visited by such as feel the need of some sort of good, which she is able to impart. The Lord has owned her labors to the bringing of her siste-in-law, Mrs. Judge Stiles, of Louisville, & some others, either to see & receive the truth in full or in part. She does not rely simply on her pen, tracts, private correspondence, the press – but what we should question – the public journal to give utterance to her faith; & this in her own town. An editor of a religious journal elsewhere & an old acquaintance had so far forgotten himself as to insert in his columns some of her private letters to him, She demanded to be heard in reply to his comments. She now thinks from some of his late issues that his mind is not wholly at ease. His own friends are beginning to call him to an account for some of his strictures on the existing order of things, & etc. This sister is hoping to convert some of her property into cash, so as to realize a long desire to promulgate the truth. We have seen this good sister so gradually correcting one thing after another in her ways that we wait for any other amendment. She no longer mourns her isolation, or asks the Lord to send someone to her to preach & teach the Word; her desire being that the Lord would raise up witnesses on the ground. At Albany, N.Y. is a good French brother, a teacher in the college, who is with us in the Lord & quite alone. Of N.Y. you hear of JND, who is there at present & has been for a few weeks; expecting soon to come here & to Boston. Scattered over N.Y. City & Brooklyn adjoining are a number of saints, but without assembling together, or, if so, some of them meeting on unscriptural ground. Some of these are nice modest Christian young men. It will be much if dear Darby’s labors there simply

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