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me alter the “I” to “we” for my wife is as much as myself given to the service of correspondence with the saints in communication & with such as the Holy Spirit may be seeking to draw to the truth as it is in Jesus. Coming up from St. Louis, some 50 miles, we reach Granville, Illinois, where is quite a little band of disciples meeting in the Lord’s Name, from being of different tongues, however, French & English, their meetings are not quite so happy. By mutual forbearance & concession they are able to get on quietly. One Lord’s Day their worship is conducted in French, & the other in English with an interpreter. Some of their number are young men, active & devoted, & are seeking the spread of the truth by the circulation of tracts & books. Their accounts some time ago were cheering. They are able to report some conversions, & a spirit of inquiry on the part of some of “The Churches.” One of their number is an old friend of J.N.D., made in Switzerland; he occasionally writes to us in French, being unable to write or hear in English, which is a great trial to him, he being too old to learn English as he says. In a letter lately received, he says, “I have not spoken to you of what the Lord has done here adding to the assembly many dear American brethren. These dear brethren are going forward, their progress is slow, but I hope decisions for the Lord. There is very little gift, not to say anything of speaking in public. And among those who speak is the difficulty from the language being original French; although we can assemble to worship the Lord with one heart; the symbols which are placed before us speak to our hearts because our assembling says, or ought to say, all that of which we have need, which is that Jesus has died & risen again for our eternal redemption, & that consequently our place is to love & adore His grace, asking Him that He will cause us to comprehend these words of salvation (2 Corinthians 8:1) & of practice, being living witnesses of His grace in which we are, & not in contradiction with the profession of our lips,” and much of a like tenor. I judge this brother is very valuable to the little assembly there for his prudence & wisdom & experience in the truths & ways of God. At coldwater, Michigan, is a dear brother & his wife, of a good deal of intelligence, late of New York, who, under brother Darby’s labors in that city a year ago, were brought out of a sort of neutral position, and are now located in Coldwater, & bearing a simple testimony for the Lord. They write to us how they feel their isolation, & yearn for Christian sympathy & fellowship, but without temptation to retreat from their position. Of Detroit, same state, I have already incidentally spoken; the wife of our brother Moody there is earnestly engaged with her companion in entertaining the Lord’s servants & in helping on the truth in every way in their power. I have never met with him, but she is very intelligent in the Word, a true hearted disciple & a godly woman. Some 25 magazines are subscribed for there, & twice as many more Mrs. M. thinks would be called for, could they reach Detroit regularly & promptly. And this what many others would say as to other places in the States. Brother C. Baines, of Montreal, C.E. visited Detroit last summer, going from

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