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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 154


Christian friends, her godly consistency, are all very cheering to us. My brother Daniel’s young daughter too may be mentioned worthily. The mother in the trial experienced from the alarming sickness of her husband declares herself “as firm as a rock,” & the husband says, with death staring him in the face, he has “nothing to regret & nothing to take back.” Some time soon I hope to send you a little parcel of letters from some of our correspondents. There are few days when we have not letters to answer. At present we feel our work, not sought by us, to be in this direction. These scattered saints are all on our hearts. We have invited in order to instruct them in the Word. And here we are frequently supplying somebody’s need through the Depository with or without money, far or near. Being here we hope to realize that long cherished wish & prayer & se our Depository snugly located in Boston. The rent of even a small shop will not be a trifle; but if I can get some writing or some other employment it will at least meet the rent. Never learnt a trade. We are hoping for blessed results from brother Daniel’s visit; are constantly hearing of him. Now please say to the brethren that they must pray for us, & wait with us for results. We cannot call ourselves “laborers,” we do so little, have so little fervor, are no more devoted to the Lord, & see no more fruits. It is the trial, we must work in such a very little way, if work it may be called. Taking counsel of our mere feelings, we should almost at times overleap every barrier. But then we should not “keep ourselves humble & the truth simple,” as brother Darby expresses it. Time speeds away imperceptibly, & many little things for the saints & for the domestic circle have eaten it all up. Oh! for grace to redeem the time (or catch opportunities).

A multitude of thanks for your nice New Year’s present of £ 40,8,0. The Lord again knows just when to send to us. The Lord bless the givers. I must, however, stop with this much, which after all is only a little index to much remaining unsaid. Mrs. B. & daughter join in earnest Christian love to you & your wife & the saints near you. I have forgot to say I have sent to Mr. Crocker for publications in all amounting to £ 70 to meet a growing demand. Especially remembrance to Brothers McAdam, Stoney, & Dr. Mackern. I hope to write to some of them soon, & to write you all oftener.


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