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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 155


Rec.?  March 1867


I do not think to send any papers for Brethren’s publications. It may come round again, not as breaking any link, but on ground of which I can render full account to myself. But I send you a few lines, I cannot call it a hymn, but of meditation in verse & regret that some are wearying themselves in doubtful disputations. I hope that they may soon get weary of it & learn to feed in green pastures. It is happier & I judge better work. You are to put it in without my initials: I do not think there is any heresy in it, nor that it touches on any critic’s ground. Poor things! I pity them heartily & am sorry for them. Here I think truth is penetrating; I have more access perhaps than even in NY, not exactly all I might have, if I had more faith, still, what I am very thankful for, God gives me access by the truth to souls, & to a good many. The little gathering is getting on & happily, & souls are added one by one, but in simplicity. I have found the Lords presence there. Outside I merely seek to spread the truth & let things work & produce their own fruit, or rather let the Word, under grace do so. Kindest love to the brethren. I am with them in heart & spirit as ever, &, while feeling my weakness, am really bearing the storm for them, but it is all right. I forgot to beg Ebenezer in writing to him to let me hear of Mrs. Gregg, his mother, if better or gone home, he will let me know of it, though I did not, if not, praying him to do so.

J. N. D.


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