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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 104


which is very desirable in every way, beautiful weather; we are still in the same condition, good sleighing; here in Toronto many fresh souls come unsought to hear & I trust some are come to Christ. Certainly there is inquiry too at Hamilton. At both persons have been happily added since I was here; so at Collingwood where the work, tho’ young, is going on happily. It is pretty much self-sustaining everywhere, that is, the Lord works within without much external gift. There is the same zealous opposition to brethren as everywhere, so that timid souls are frightened; but this we must expect. At Port Hope there is a little gathering & a good many souls interested, but a good deal afraid too. Miss Houlditch now at Plymouth, a semi-Newtonian, did her best to hinder there, advising them to stay in the Episcopalian body as did Mr. Guiness everywhere and in one place expressly lest they should be Brethren. But all this, which is not new, tho’ it exercises patience, does not hinder progress, souls are sifted, & we have only the single eyed, which for a beginning work, or any work, is very important. There are scattered souls holding good all the way down from Toronto to Montreal. I visited some coming up, others were at our Toronto meeting, and G. Baynes saw others returning. From circumstances there are these scattered souls all about. The States too interest me much, tho’ I am old for that vast country. But the truth is spreading & sought down as far as Kentucky, & if there were spiritual energy many a germ now will become a nucleus of blessing. At Detroit there is progress, they have been always faithful there. At Milwaukee (Wisconsin) there is a breaking of bread & a good deal of inquiry. At Philadelphia the little gathering goes on steady. In Massachusetts there is both testimony & progress

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