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in carriages with stoves in this country where endless forests & the highest degree of civilization strangely meet together. But the Lord is the same everywhere & so is man morally. Kindest love to the brethren whom I remember with true affection & thankful love for all their kindness. I have heard nothing of Dublin.

Affecty yours, J.N.D.

* * * * *


Joseph Lesslie’s

Toronto, C.W.


Dear Sir Edw.,


Thank you for your kind note. I answered that to Ferrers as he wished. Here I certainly think the Spirit of God is working, tho’ there is nothing very striking, yet souls are continually added to the gatherings & the brethren are happy, & it is a living power which gathers. In Mt. Forest there had been trouble thro’ the world creeping in, in two at any rate, but they are now at peace. Yet even there & in Toronto souls had been happily added & former adversaries too. I go up to Guelph on my way there (D.V.) tomorrow. This depends on snow for sleighing. Since ____, early in this month, and save a day or two before that, we have had snow, & frost down to 42 degrees, not so cold as a few days I was here before, but much more continuous, save a day or two of snow storm

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