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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 102


of testimony than we do. Workmen must have faith for all they have to do with; often laments & inquiries as to the state of brethren is mainly the want of faith as to those who express them; yet I fear the world for them (sometimes cash statements but that is less evil), but devotedness, separateness from the world, non-conformity to it, that is what I look for. Blessing has gone on here; there has been life enough to increase everywhere in number without any special gift & healthful comfortable additions. One meeting (conference) at Toronto was a very happy one indeed. One, who I trust may be a workman & at any rate a witness, got his soul cleared upon a multitude of subjects, once connected with Adventists, before a Methodist district preacher. Our communion as happy as possible & Scripture much opened & enjoyed. The Montreal one was very useful but not so enjoyable, but they are getting on well & considerably increased. I am here arrived at Collingswood in a heavy snow-drift, if you can find the Georgian Bay, Which makes a large part of Lake Huron; but all this part is under ice, tho’ it has not been particularly cold, but pretty early and steady, once ten below zero & several days at zero, but save the snow the cold is delicious weather, and not felt unless when there is wind, then it is no joke. A few meet here, but it is wild enough; last summer enormous districts of forest caught fire & were burnt down & the deer this year easily taken; but I came in a railroad

Tom said ...
maybe 'rash statements' rather than 'cash statements' ..
Wednesday, Aug 30, 2017 : 16:40

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