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horrible, & a total denial of the truth of the sufferings of Christ. It is those, who have been under the pestilent influence of thinking sorrows or sufferings of heart in Christ implied the state that had brought it on man (an error on which all Hall’s reasoning’s with me depend), who are troubled & uneasy. My good friends will have to learn that they can go wrong as well as those they are in such a hurry to condemn. If they fall into the snare of taking other people’s representations of my doctrine, or read my words under the effect of them, they will have to deal with God about it, & see why. As regards my taking the matter on my return, I did fully take it up, & searched my own publications, Scripture, & my accusers correspondence, as fully as I could. I replied to every one who honestly wrote to me to inquire. If brethren think I am going to give up my direct service committed to me (however unworthy I may be) by the Lord, to pander to what I believe to be mere wicked accusations; I can only say, I cannot do so. I am persuaded that more spiritual apprehensions of the sufferings of Christ, & true knowledge of conflict in their own souls, would have made brethren capable of juster decision in the matter. Not suspecting the kind of attack & accusation, expressions might be found in my papers, which gave a handle to them, hench I have taken no high ground, but patiently awaited brethren’s minds clearing up. I do not think an upright willing mind could for a moment have interpreted what I have said as has been done. It amounts to the allegation that Christ was a condemned sinner, a saint thro’ grace, & learning when a sinner. I do not believe my adversaries think I hold this, however my expressions my afford a handle to what they say, & I must take them (my accusers) as I find them, seeking to feel as God would have me to feel; but I do think that their views ought to have awakened brethren’s minds to a sense of the false ground on which their accusations rest. What they deny forms an integral part of my Christianity. I should as much think of giving that up as accepting their views. But I have not neglected the subject since I left England. I received an intimation that a new edition of my tract on the sufferings would be required, & I am prepared to give an introduction & notes to what may explain all that seems to need explanation. But see what I have to deal with, or rather what troubles the minds you speak of.

Tom said ...
The missing word is 'juster' I think. I've put it in red for now.
Friday, Mar 23, 2018 : 18:39

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