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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 94


in Toronto. I fully trust that what we have had here has been really useful tho’ compared with Canada West. In general there has been progress throughout Canada in numbers and consciousness of what they were about. My part is more now building up, & I have felt the Lord has helped me: a good many strangers too come to hear. I had a very rough passage, the sea breaking abundantly over us, and carrying away some wood work, but in result all well thro’ mercy, and I had the opportunity of speaking to a good many persons & found some Christians. There are now about 150 meeting in this part of Canada, where it is all new, and several conversions have taken place while I was away, some at Quebec, & some here, & some at Ottawa, which I count to this part tho’ over the frontier line in Canada West. I have had no accounts from England. Thro’ M.G.Baynes I hear that poor Mr. Batten is gone. My kindest love to all the dear Brethren and remembrances to Ebenezer & Mrs. E. very kindly, I trust the children are well. It was one night 20 below freezing, but in general we have had English, not Canadian, weather. Rain, some snow, & the ice beaking but twice or three times for a day or two.

Ever yours in the Lord,


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