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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 93


Dear Mr. Gregg,

I got both your letters safe with enclosures & inquiries if I had arrived safe. I did not reply then as I had just written a long letter to Mr. Amos about a person called Horton at Halifax, who is active there, & once at the Priory, & had addressed it to Ebenezer’s care, of course making known my arrival, thus far, at least, I hope Mr. Amos got my letter & should be glad to know. From Halifax I went on down by St.Johns, NB & Portland & across the State of Maine, a wild country, but without anything a but quiet journey to Montreal. Since then I have been to Quebec, where I had good meetings, tho’ I was ill nearly all the time, they have grown up to about 20 there, tho; the place is dead & they have no preacher, but they get on nicely; I think there would be further progress if there were one, tho’ people are quite as much tied up here to their systems as in England, & more, but there is no gospel in the Episcopal Presbyterian systems there, or next to none. Here they have grown in numbers & get on a little, constant teaching would help them, but they are getting on nicely. I failed thro’ my attack at Quebec in getting to a new place where the work is beginning – Melbourne – but hope to do so later. We have had one reading meeting here with Mr. Brown from the States & and another new person from Canada East in old times a well known Wesleyan minister, but long left thro’ holding the Lord’s coming. The 23rd we have our Canada West meeting

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