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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 22


for Brantford, dear Arthur Wells previously told me that Mr D’s spiritual power was greater than even he had expected to find it; he felt a good deal the being left alone after such a season; but I have no doubt the fellowship of Him, whose love is beyond a brother’s—more than made up for the temporary loss of the companionship of his earthly friends; at Brantford, we went to the Brendons and Mr Darby to the Bennetts; you have heard of the work there and of our visit to the Indians at Anandago, they were assembled in hundreds. A temporary platform had been raised. They had a substantial lunch prepared for us in a barn-like building. A grave stalwart Indian, who appeared to have very little knowledge of English, sat at the head of the table, Mr Darby next to him, then I, Caroline, opposite. The room quite filled, it was, as you may imagine, rather a novel scene. Dinner being over, we got out as well as we could and finally reached the platform in the open air, at one end of which, a little group of Indians were seated, who formed the choir, and sang hymns at intervals, in the Indian language: some of the notes were exceedingly sweet. At length the time of speaking arrived, and Mr Darby stood up, and addressed them in a very sweet, simple way. He began by telling them how happy he was to come and see them, and speak to them about Jesus. When he had done speaking, the Indian interpreter, a most interesting Christian man, translated what had been said into their own language. We heard

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