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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 159


The following letter, written by himself in Bournemouth sometime early in March, 1882, was left by Mr. Darby for the brethren.


Beloved Brethren,


After years of communion in weakness, I have only bodily strength to write a few lines, more of affection than of aught else. I bear witness to the love, not only in the Lord, ever faithful, but in my beloved Brethren in all patience toward me (how much more then, from God): unfeignedly do I bear witness to it. Yet I can say Christ has been my only object — thank God, my righteousness too! I am not aware of anything to recall — little now to add. Hold fast to Him. Count on abundant grace in Him, to reproduce Him in the power of the Father’s love; and be watching and waiting for Christ. I have no more to add but my unfeigned and thankful affection in Him,



I do add, let not John’s ministry be forgotten, in insisting on Paul’s. One give the dispensation in which the display is; the other, that which is displayed.

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