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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 157


beginning to be felt, & through mercy I daily hear of souls that the word has reached for conversion, or finding peace, or getting clear as to the position of themselves or the church, though public meetings, I may say, I have none; but I meet with people, people interested come in small numbers. I have reading meetings and so on. I am now about leaving for Boston. It has been a work of faith and patience here, but I am beginning through grace to see the fruits. Brethren do not much know what it is to begin a work in the midst of Babylon, not mere preaching to crowds, nor with links out on every side through those that are in, but dependent on God alone for the work and every link to be formed. Still He leads if you can trust and pray to Him for a place, the way will open. The truth is evidently penetrating in this country, silently in many respects, but to a considerable extent, and we are on a good footing. It is beginning to be felt there is reality in it, not mere cold notions, and here the sad state of things helps their consciences on. The cloud is not bigger than a man’s hand, but I believe there is unequivocal blessing. It is very likely I may be detained until next spring. I had thought to be back in July, but the work is opening. I trust the Lord’s instruments are preparing, but at any rate the laborers are few. The Lord willing, we shall have our meeting at Guelph, I suppose in June. I shall be glad to see the brethren again in England. But the Lord’s work is my life down here as to service. If thus near 68 I may be less active but shall do the work through grace, which He has for me to do. Kindest love to all. It would have broken many associations losing the Priory, but the gracious Lord orders even all these things. Crocker tells me you have copied Romans, I hope it is all right.

Affectionately yours in the Lord,


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