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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 80


enjoy such views of the gospel as our gracious heavenly Father has condescended to commit to the hands of Brethren highly favored of the Lord. It is very humiliating to us to be obliged to confess that we have been Christians so many years without really knowing what it is to trust God as to our daily wants (how blessed to receive everything as from the Lord. His tokens are salary indeed) & that we have been so ignorant respecting what now is so obvious, particularly as to the “Church”, “Ministry”, &c. Had I known these things years ago, how much happier I should have been! from what I might have been saved! & how much more done for my Master! But then as Bro. Darby used to say, “God has His time.” Well, may God in His mercy keep me in days to come & use me now so as to redeem the time. I have been almost tempted to reproach the Brethren in England, who have known the ways of the Lord more perfectly, for withholding light from us on this side of the channel until recently. Why should we have not had a missionary or more in the States? I trust no one has resisted such a call. But it seems to me that could we have been thus favoured very many might have been gathered into “assemblies” from those who have seen the ruined condition of the professing church, & who have felt themselves compelled, out of honour to Christ to withdraw from these bodies. Many who on leaving the nominal church have been drawn into gross error, might have been saved. And even now the truths held by “Brethren”, it seems to me, will find a cordial welcome in many a heart. I cannot here tell you how many have listened to our feeble enunciation of the Truth since our return from Canada & borne a grateful testimony to it. Our late tour was fraught with great good to our own souls & equally so to others. Before leaving home we asked God’s blessing

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