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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 79


whenever we were tempted to doubt this understanding & to undertake again to negotiate for ourselves, then the question would suggest itself, “Since you ventured to walk by faith has God proved Himself unfaithful?” “No,” we were bound to reply. “Have you not enough for today?” “Yes, but tomorrow?” cried unbelief. “What have you to do with the morrow?” demanded Faith. “Surely nothing.” And so the soul was restored to rest. We resolved that we would not fear until there was reason for fear; and that we would use up the little we had in the service of Christ, by traveling and communicating the truth, & then when funds should fail we might take it as an intimation from our heavenly Father that we should imitate His servant Paul & resort to tent-making for a livelihood. But now, blessed be God, we can see our way somewhat ahead, we hear His voice bidding us “advance”, & we shall obey the summons gladly. Faith is the secret of every blessing. We have no desire for wealth or ease, & we can experience no pleasure so sweet as that of making known the grace of God to dying men, & of guiding, comforting, & strengthening God’s dear children. And this now more than ever, seeing the truth is so much clearer to us, & vastly more precious since our acquaintance with Bro. Darby & the reading of such works as “Brethren” in Canada are engaged in scattering abroad. Really this is quite another kind of religion from that which we have known & which is current hereabouts. How we are led to it by the Bible & consequently to God. We do not see how we can ever be unhappy, or anxious, or other than devoted to God again. What weakness to count anything as dear for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ. What a cloud of such truth as we have received lifts up from our horizon. How all-glorious is the future of the believer. O that the Christian world might


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