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Brethren are very clearly bringing them into their place in testimony. It is an immense privilege – it is clearer to me than ever where they are – they are using Dr. Carson in Quebec against dear Scott. At Toronto & Hamilton it has done nothing & the Record about as much. Peace be with you, kind rememberances, ever very affecty, J.N.D. 
I am thinking of an article for Present Testimony, a point which has much interested me in Scripture. I may have a little leisure here before the snow will quite take us with(?) to the Bush as it has been dry & drifted so as to leave the road partly bare. 
* * * * * 
Hamilton, Jan. 9, 1863 

Dear Wigram, 
I forwarded a letter to you. The Post-Master of Hamilton, who is in communion, tells me it is surer & not longer. I have nothing very new to tell you of the work here though there is progress in every way. The books sell largely as you may learn in London. Enquiry spreads, & the truth as to the Church, the Lord’s coming, & personal appearance of salvation is occupying many minds. I have reading meetings at various houses & a tolerable number have found peace. The work in penetrating into the States & I have letters from more than one quarter. Labourers are wanting, not so much for details in Canada, 

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