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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 30


Though for active work they are, but, to carry effectually, in a general way, the knowledge of what the testimony is. However a Baptist minister & his wife (Americans) are getting hold of the truth, she is a very nice Christian, & they would be [word missing] the Lord helping. The Grants are at work. Robert, the unmarried one, the only traveling evangelist we have since Evans. I have given them the rest of the £80. Frederick’s brother-in-law has just found peace at Toronto. The work is no way measured just now by persons added, though a tolerable number have been, some 20 or 30 since I have been here, but the inquiry & spread of truth is considerable. Of course, there are warnings & pains to hinder people coming, more especially in the English & Scotch Free bodies, where perhaps the greatest degree of inquiry was, but after all it does not hinder it much really & it is spreading, but everything depends practically on the devotedness of Brethren by reason of the sleepy worldliness of professors here. I trust the Brethren still pray for us. There are a number of really very dear godly Brethren here. Mrs. Lumond of Quebec is coming nicely out in decision & work, & cheer. Scott is encouraged, though these people have been warned too. They have disseminated Carson’s tract, but if he goes on quietly, this will not stop the work. At Montreal too, where Craik Baynes’s position is a hindrance, things are taking, I think, a more healthful form. I am thinking of going into the States but not yet. It seems inclined to set in sleighing weather & I shall then

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