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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 108


& others have been decidedly blessed and are hopeful; dear Robt. Grant was with me in this tour & we roughed it together tho’, save in Minto, there was really nothing to rough, & there we got on very well & I was a comfortable as possible, of course not getting what you have in London, sheets & washing things & such like, but abundant kindness & care. In a town about 27 miles off several are interested, and since going up to see them, I tried to __one coming through to Guelph, but we did not succeed, & doubtless it was best. At Guelph there have been some added, & satisfactory ones too, they are going on well without anything new. Thus far I have been. At Clinton & Hullett the meetings have considerably increased. I have not been there yet. At Brantford the meeting has _?_ there of valuable brethren; I do not know if anybody has been added in the place. At Georgetown, a new place, they are waiting the arrival of one ot two others to begin to break bread. At Ottawa they are getting on happily & there have been conversions; I have not been there yet; nor at St. Catherine’s where there is a new gathering. At Hamilton some have been added, one when I was there, brought back from Morris, once of Plymouth, who preached annihilation, a nice man and satisfactory case. There are other hopeful souls, several were added while I was away; it is a gathering of excellent materials; I hope to stay there a while & visit Dundas too, where there are some interested. Thus far of Canada. At Berlin they get on well & some small gatherings here & there, as Aberfoyle, Put, Dalhousie etc. In the States God seems to be planting plants of His testimony.

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