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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 109


At Milwaukee a few are now meeting, & there seems real life in the testimony. At Lowell Michichin [Michigan?] a brother from Minto, C.W. has settled; there have come with him [form?] against opposition & there it has begun. At Albany, N.Y. a Swiss brother farms, I hope, a nucleus, & is very anxious to be in communion with brethren here. Brown’s brother is come out in Cambridge (Boston) & it has raised a considerable testimony, he gave his reasons before a committee or some such thing of the place he belonged to, his dear mother died & according to her’s & Brown’s wish, who was firm about it, she was buried without clergy & the Lord’s presence owned & some round him elsewhere are come out and getting on. In Kentucky large demands for Brethren’s tracts, which are eagerly read. Detroit Michichin [Michigan?], where were long faithful a little company; there have been conversions, & what is living among the French come in there when they can & so are a good deal increased. At Philadelphia they continue & are happy but without increase. At new York there is a very small faithful Swiss gathering, but the loose gathering has split in two by reason of many rejecting the evil doctrines, let in, some nice persons, I hear, come out. What that will issue in I know not, I have not entire comfort as to one who leads in it. At Halifax there had been more conversions; I do not know if Horton has written to Islington. Thus I have given you a general idea of what the state of things is; I might have added St. Paul, Minnesota, there are a Swiss brother & his wife. At St. Louis & Highlands as usual. I have some hope

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