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to get to Milwaukee tho’ it is a long way. If so & I go to Massachusetts my stay may be prolonged. I leave it in the Lord’s most gracious hands. There is plenty to do; there is a move in the Eastern townships also, but it has taken no definite step. I have several other places in my mind for work, &, thank God, feel fresh for it. Certainly God blesses the work. I hope Woodward at Shanti Bay, tho’ a very quiet, may be a very valuable help. There seems to be a considerable move there. The state of the various bodies is so very sad here, & especially the Methodists who are active that the least movement of the Spirit of God __?__ them off, & indeed beside there are everywhere some conversions. We have had the hardest winter known for a very long while in Canada, since the end of Nov. & beginning of Dec., perhaps 2 days thaw in the towns, otherwise frost & deep snow; I have found it very pleasant and healthful. Kindest love to the dear brethren. May they be waiting for Jesus & walking in His love & love towards one another while expecting Him from heaven. Kindest remembrance to your own house.

Affectionately yours,


* * * * *

West Townsend, Mass.

17 March 1865

Very dear Bro. in the Lord,

Yours of the 16th Ult. containing a draft for £40 was duly received & is hereby most gratefully acknowledged by myself & my wife. Such a liberal token of love from the dear saints fills our hearts with gratitude to them & above all to Him the giver of every good & perfect gift. Again must we declare that we are not worthy of such expressions of

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