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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 107


hinder & positively injure souls there. All along the lake isolated but faithful souls, who, I hope will maintain a testimony. At Toronto 90 there, full 20 have been added, several since I came. I was up at Collingwood, where a healthful meeting has begun, there have been added since my visit at Shanti Bay, a valuable man who labours for the Lord, came out, & since I was there far more interest in the gospel, & one decided to break bread with them, & others, I should hope, in the way. I was up at Mt. Forest where a dozen have been added, nice people, & in others, I fully trust, the Lord has been working and is. They had had trouble but are at peace, but one has become town-councilman, which tries them all, a soft & gentle man, I trust he will have courage to “break with it”; all, save one, greatly grieved by it. I had a very good visit there; I think the Lord is working. Famously cold, 26 degrees below zero, in the bush 58 degrees of frost, & 50 against a wall of a house in this town. All frozen in my room tho’ there was an immense fire all the day & 2 stoves in the house. I pushed on thro’ the bush to Minto, about 2 ½ feet of snow without drifts but the road was tracked already by sleighs, so I could get through; they have had a few very valuable added, once greatly opposed.

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