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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 39


what could not be united or antagonism. It has now been conscience, poor materials man would have laid; but I really believe God is blessing: my heart has not left either the Continent of Europe or England, but for the moment my work is yet here. It exercises patience perhaps because truth is penetrating into layers of yet unreached materials but it seems to me a real work is going on in souls: there is more than one place besides scattered brethren whom I have yet to visit (D.V.) in the provinces. Peace be with you — kindest love to the Brethren.  J.N.D.

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My Dear Lord,

Six months ago we should have considered it the merest impossibility that we should have even been compelled to address your Lordship in the way we are at present doing. About that time one of us was accosted by a very earnest Christian friend upon the subject of church government & in answer to the remark, “I would rather speak upon things about which we agree than upon those in which we differ,” he replied, “Yes, that is true, but we should not be afraid of discussing any point whatever.” The answer was, “I am not afraid because I am convinced the Church of England stands upon so Scriptural a basis that nothing can shake it.” The result was our receiving at one time or another some

Timothy Stunt said ...
This undated letter (page 39-45, the transcription of which I have edited in a few places) is addressed to 'My Dear Lord' and I assume the recipient was the Bishop of the Diocese in which FWG was working when he seceded. Can anyone tell us what this diocese was and therefore enable us to discover who was the Bishop. It would be interesting to have some idea how the letter (which was couched in very friendly terms) was received... Timothy Stunt
Tuesday, May 23, 2017 : 20:04

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