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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 129


put them in unless from some special circumstances. But that they have had enough of it, there would probably be a war again, they speak of it openly; I do not expect it, they have too recently felt what it is. But all is confusion and ill feeling. Thank God, I pass through it as stranger and pilgrim, met sincere kindness and opportunities of work; for myself have only to be thankful, for what I met with, I need not say, had no more to do with such things than you in England, only testifying, when the question arose, that the Christian is not of this world at all. The word has little authority. But God is working. I am D.V. [Lord willing] going east, not very sanguine as to any great apparent result. Excitement with an attractive preacher would easily be; but steadily walking as not of this world is another thing. Books and tract of brethren go out freely. The vast majority of what come out go to the States, though they become just double in price. I think some steps will have to be taken to print in the States. The Grants are working diligently; R. Grant at Quebec, Frederick has been at Port Burnall [Burwell ?], where there has been inquiry. Among the Indians the work has been happy. One or two new meetings have been formed. In general the gatherings, (as is common) after the first reception of new truth which gathered them, have had a measure of sifting in one form or another, and are going on more happily after it than before. We have a trial here, less known in England, moving about, going to the States to get work, etc. This, of course, tends to unsettle the gathering, sometimes forming a new nucleus, where there is energy of faith. Out of Canada it is now in a measure planted in the West, but all is to do there. May the Lord graciously work. Brown was expected to visit them. In one place, as you will have heard, there has been decided blessing; at Detroit, too, there has been large increase. All through the States the truths

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